Immunization Information

More information for immunizations required to attend Vinita Public Schools is available at https://oklahoma.gov/health/services/personal-health/immunizations/vaccines-for-school.html. For a one-page guide to immunizations requirements visit oklahoma.gov/content/dam/ok/en/health/health2/aem-documents/prevention-and-preparedness/immunizations/GuideToImmRequirements-English.pdf

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment open at https://ok.wengage.com/vinita for all grades. If you are new to the district please click on the new account request form below.

New Students

Please contact a school office to get a username and password so you can complete the enrollment packet.

The following items are needed in order to enroll a student:

  • State Certified Birth Certificate

  • Complete and up to date immunizations record

  • Social Security Card

  • Two (2) Proof of Residencies

  • CDIB CARD, if applicable.

Transfer Students

More information on transferring to Vinita Public Schools is at Transfers.

Once the transfer application is completed, please follow the instructions for new students.

Current Students

To begin your child’s Existing Student Annual Enrollment login to your Wengage account at: https://ok.wengage.com/Vinita. If you don't have your username, please email Cal Hardage at chardage@vinitahornets.com with your name, student(s) names and grades. (You can reset your password from the login screen.)

  • Click on the Student Records Portal icon.

  • A screenshot of the Existing Student Annual Enrollment landing page is below.

      1. Click on the Enroll Student – 2022-2023 link.

      2. If you need to change the primary guardian please contact your school site.

  • During the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process you will complete three steps: Step 1 – Demographics, Step 2 – Relations, and Step 3 – Documents.

        1. Step 1 – Demographics & Step 2 - Relations: Verify that all information is correct for your student. You can correct any incorrect information. The primary guardian must be listed as Contact #1. Click the Save and Continue to Next Step link to progress from Step 1 to Step 2.

        2. Step 3 – Documents: Click on the Step 3 tab to start the final phase of Existing Student Annual Enrollment.

        3. Document Upload: Please upload all documents that are listed as required if they pertain to your student.

          1. eForms: Please complete all eForms that are listed as required. Once the form is complete you will need to click the green check mark to continue to the next form.

  • When Steps 1 through 3 are completed, finish the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process by clicking on Submit to Site.

For a step by step tutorial of the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process please visit

Existing Student Annual Enrollment Tutorial