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Absence Form

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 Sick Leave

To be used for personal injury/accidents, personal illness, or illness of immediate family.

Bereavement Leave

Up to 5 days of bereavement leave will be granted for each occurrence of death to a family member of the first or second degree.

Personal Leave

3 days that are non-cumulative are provided per year, unused days are reimbursed at a rate of $35.00 per day.

Personal Business Leave

3 days are provided at the average substitute cost of $50.00 per day for Certified Personnel; Support Personnel cost shall not exceed $25.00 per day. Leave is limited to personal business and request is to be made 24 hours in advance.  This leave is not to be used for personal entertainment, recreation, gainful employment, or to seek another position. Personal Business Leave is PAYROLL DEDUCT.  It will come out of your check.

Jury Duty

If served, copy of voucher must be turned in to Payroll Department. Any payment received for serving will be deducted from your paycheck.


Only twelve (12) month employees accrue vacation. You must have approval of the Building Principal/Supervisor prior to absence. Failure to receive this prior approval could result in pay dock.