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Principal's Page

Welcome to Will Rogers where kids are 100% Incredible.  We are here to serve kids.  The primary aim of education is not to enable students to do well in school, but to help them do well in the lives they lead outside school. 

At Will Rogers, we understand that our kids:
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, with and from anyone
  • Are always on, always connected, expecting collaboration
  • Need to be engaged and involved
  • Demand personalized learning experiences

Our School Family Pledge:
  1. Provide the school with current phone numbers and home address.
  2. Provide a quiet time and place for homework and monitor TV viewing.
  3. Read to my child or encourage my child to read every day.  Practice spelling words and math facts every night.
  4. Communicate with the teacher/school and regularly monitor your child’s progress.
  5. My child will arrive at school on time, well rested, and prepared for a full day of instruction and learning.
  6. My child will treat teachers and fellow classmates with respect and compassion.   I will make positive behavior the expectation.
  7. I will encourage my child to dream big and always give 100 percent effort.
  8. I will treat my child’s teachers as a valuable resource and work with them to support academic improvement and classroom behavior expectations.
  9. I will monitor my child’s academic growth and stay as involved as possible in my child’s education.  I will let the teacher know right away if I notice any problems.
  10. I understand if my child is choosing to disrupt a class to keep others from learning or refusing to do what is being asked at school I will be notified immediately and be asked to come and pick up my child.

At Will Rogers, we:
  • Engage
  • Motivate
  • Build Relationships
  • Promote positivity
  • Continually learn
  • Enhance opportunities
Please feel free to call me at 918-256-5350 with any questions or concerns you may have.  We all have to work together in the best interest of our incredible kids!

Holly Lankford
Will Rogers Elementary