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Snow Routes

Dear Bus Riding Families,

             With the recent winter weather conditions affecting our school calendar, we have decided to put into plan an Alternative Bus Ice/Snow route for certain bus routes.  Alternative bus stops may be called into use when weather conditions are such that school will go on as scheduled, but because of snow or ice, the hilly roadways in the area become dangerous requiring drivers to use alternative routes instead.  Not every location is effected, the Snow/Ice Bus Route is only for specific locations.  If you are in the affected area you will be notified in writing as to your pickup location and time of pickup.

 Please check local media broadcasts for updated weather information relating to closings.  If Vinita Public Schools is listed as Bus Snow/Ice Routes, then this plan will be in effect.  We will try to notify the media outlets as soon as possible, however the decisions are sometimes not made until as late as 6 a.m. that day.

 The Transportation Department oversees the safety of our most precious cargo – OUR

STUDENTS – making sure they are safe en route to school, home, or school activities.  The transportation department also wants students to be safe while they are waiting for the bus.  Alternative snow route bus stops were developed for the safety of students, bus drivers, and the general public.  Cooperative efforts to ensure safety are of prime importance during inclement weather conditions.

 If you have any questions you can reach our Transportation Department at


 Thank you for your cooperation!