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Ratcliff, Hartley, Cresap Scholarship

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Scholarship opportunity for Alumni. Attached is a pdf version. You may add your information by using DocHub or Kamii.

Enrollment for 2021-2022

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Vinita Public Schools are utilizing online enrollment through Wen-Gage for the 2021-2022 school year. Each site have their own enrollment dates listed below.

All Sites

For new students:

To begin your child's New Vinita Student enrollment, complete the new account request form.

The following items are needed in order to enroll a student:

  • State Certified Birth Certificate

  • Complete and up to date immunizations record

  • Social Security Card

  • Two (2) Proof of Residencies

  • CDIB CARD, if applicable.

For current students:

To begin your child’s Existing Student Annual Enrollment login to your Wengage account at:  If you don't have your login information, please email Cal Hardage at with your name, student(s) names and grades.

  • Click on the Student Records Portal icon.

  • A screenshot of the Existing Student Annual Enrollment landing page is below. 
    • Click on the Enroll Student – 2021-2022 link.
    • If you need to change the primary guardian please contact your school site.

  • During the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process you will complete three steps:  Step 1 – Demographics, Step 2 – Relations, and Step 3 – Documents. 
    • Step 1 – Demographics & Step 2 - Relations:  Verify that all information is correct for your student.  You can correct any incorrect information.  The primary guardian must be listed as Contact #1. Click the Save and Continue to Next Step link to progress from Step 1 to Step 2.
    • Step 3 – Documents:  Click on the Step 3 tab to start the final phase of Existing Student Annual Enrollment.
      • Document Upload:  Please upload all documents that are listed as required if they pertain to your student.
      • eForms:  Please complete all eForms that are listed as required.  Once the form is complete you will need to click the green check mark to continue to the next form.


  • When Steps 1 through 3 are completed, finish the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process by clicking on Submit to Site.


For a step by step tutorial of the Existing Student Annual Enrollment process please visit

Existing Student Annual Enrollment Tutorial

Shigellosis Information

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